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Solid Block \ Anthracite \

Solid Block \ Anthracite \

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A handmade, rectangular concrete sink is an excellent choice for a modern bathroom. This sink is created using authentic handcrafting techniques, giving an exclusive sense of luxury to the home interior.

Each sink is made with great love, meticulousness, and attention to even the smallest details. Due to its rectangular shape, this concrete sink not only provides warmth and aesthetic pleasure but also helps maximize space and is practical for everyday use.

The concrete sink is characterized by its naturalness, strength, and longevity. It is made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), reflecting the aesthetic potential and adaptability of this material to various functions.

Due to its smooth and seamless texture, this sink is easy to clean and maintain. Avoid strong chemical cleaners and abrasive materials, which can damage the sink surface.

Drain valve and waste system "siphon" included in price.
Please note drain valve in chrome color is included (not the gold). If you need other color please contact me.

Faucet is NOT included.

Package includes:
1 pcs. - sink
1 pcs. - drain valve "click-clack"
1 pcs. - "siphon"

Please contact for any Info.

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