In our online store's assortment, you will find a wide range of unique and stylish countertop concrete basins, which will perfectly complement your bathroom interior. Handmade concrete basins are intended for customers who want to give their bathroom a touch of modernity and decorate it with elegant design accents.

Countertop basins are created using an authentic handmade technique, which gives the home interior a sense of exclusive luxury. Each concrete basin is made with great love, thoroughness, and attention to the smallest details and quality.

Concrete basins are characterized by their naturalness, strength, and longevity. Unique and individual concrete basins reflect the aesthetic potential and versatility of this material for various functions. BetonoLT countertop basins are made using special concrete mixes enriched with polymeric components, which enhance the product's resistance to moisture, temperature changes, and mechanical influences.

A concrete wash basin is easily mounted on the countertop, as there is no need to integrate it into a cabinet block or wall. All you need to do is choose a suitable location and connect the plumbing and drainage systems. Moreover, the method of setting up these basins allows for quick and easy relocation, if ever necessary.

The surface of handmade concrete basins is extremely smooth and sleek, and the carefully finished edges guarantee comfortable and safe use. Each countertop concrete basin is unique and individual. This helps to stand out from mass-produced products and gives your home a touch of individuality.

The maintenance of concrete basin is quite simple. We recommend regularly clean the surface with a cloth and mild cleaning agents, avoiding abrasive materials or strong chemical cleaners.

Concrete basins are an excellent choice for those who value high quality, unique handmade items, and aim to create a distinctive coziness in their home space. Their robust and durable construction ensures long-term usage and resistance to everyday challenges. Moreover, the natural texture and color of the concrete material will add a modern and contemporary style accent to your bathroom.

In our online store, you will find various models of concrete basins tailored to different needs. The selection includes basins of different sizes and shapes, as well as different surface finishes. You can choose from a variety of colors and textures to stylishly match the basin with your bathroom design.